Ryman Eco by Grey London

By August 22, 2014Documentaries, Typography

Ryman Eco is arguably the world’s most beautiful sustainable font. Printed at a normal legible font size it appears solid but in fact uses 1/3 less ink and toner than standard fonts. A great example of a sustainable practice designers can adopt.

“We love printing. But we don’t love what printing does to the environment. So we’ve worked with world-class font experts, Monotype, in an attempt to create the world’s most beautiful sustainable font. We didn’t want to compromise legibility for sustainability; after all the font will only help the environment if people actually use it. And of course, it must be completely free to download. The result: Ryman Eco, which uses 33% less ink than standard fonts. So download it, use it, and share it. Because it isn’t just what you write that can make a difference. It’s how you write it.”

Ryman Eco – the world’s most beautiful sustainable font..